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Crossing the Road
7 Years
Apr 19, 2012
NW Vermont
So many preservatives I thought they were like velveta cheese and would last forever in your pocket/purse or in the trunk of your car!
Geez, I'd hate to see the mess if someone left Velveeta in the trunk on a non freezing day. Better have it double bagged.

Incidentally Payday's do not melt. I love them - who on earth could resist eating them right away?
I would think the caramel would melt if it got warm enough, not as fast as chocolate though.


5 Years
Dec 31, 2014
NE Missouri
Cold here. Low of 7 tonight. Everything grass, rock, gravel, yard, road is covered with ice and barely passable because of it. Although it is pretty funny watching the dogs trying to navigate on it, not so much fun when we have to. I wore my boots with cleats on the soles today when I went out to take care of the birds and they almost weren't enough. I made them a bowl of hot mash mixed with cracked corn and scratch and made it a point to ask them if they appreciated me risking my neck getting out to them. Of course they told me that it was tough being me.....little ingrates.

The next few days are going to be pretty grim as far as cold is concerned. I think the high one day is 12 or 13. All the animals are grumpy. The cattle dogs are bored, heck join the club sez I.

@getaclue don't make me come to your house and yell at you! You are so a good/nice person!

Give yourself time to get back to normal. Last year it was three months before I was feeling half way what passed for normal after I had the flu. If your body tells you to rest, listen to it! You'll get your strength back.
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