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    Not been called "princess" but have been told my parent's spoilt me! [​IMG]

    Rick and I were BEST friends long before we ever became romantically inclined.

    Every year, the town we met in, had a celebration for Fishing, Logging and Mining...calling it by the first two letters of the main industries the town was built upon--FILOMI Days.

    Not sure how, but Rick was wrangled into providing the pigs for the "greased pig" contest held out at the Beach. So the one year he asked me to come along...Down Island we went, picked up the four porkers (sold to someone for eating but they had one last frollick in them) and of course, the couple that owned the Western Store in town, had an ongoing deal with Rick that he would bring back 50 pound bags of chicken food for their home flock. Buckerfields was a common stop and haul home place for poultry rations in the town, so indeed, bringing back chook food was a real good thing to do for other flock keepers.

    So there we were, late at night with a load of chicken food in paper sacks, four pigs in a crate...heading for home in his pickup truck. Well it was a long day just going Down Island, let alone turning round and thinking one was gonna make the return trip all in one stint. Rick and I were not a couple back then, so we stopped and he bunked out on the bench seat in the pickup and I volunteered to be the one to sleep in the back on the paper chicken feed sacks. Poorly planned yes, but isn't that what young people often do--spontaneous and without much attention to the sorta wing it because you figure you can rough it out no matter what? [​IMG]

    Well it goes without saying...sleeping on paper sacks of chicken feed, that moved and crinkled every time I breathed...meant I was not going to get any rest! So I whined from the back thru the canopy window at Rick, "I can't sleep...every time I breathe, the chicken food makes noises!" Wide awake in frustration he announces that "My parents spoilt me!," and back on the road we go.

    It is not like I can't sleep under pickup canopies either...some time later we went to a dance at the local arena and found it awful boring because the band they hired we decided to go trout fishing instead. Me dressed in a dress (and yeh, he made fun of that for all it was worth) with BLUE nylons to match my outfit. We left the dance and off to a lake we drove. Needless to say...another long night and although I did manage to make a few casts...bobber and real hooks allowed way back then...I soon felt tired and crawled into the back to sleep--this time of course, there was a sleeping bag there put by MOI for such moments--me no rough it on no dang paper chicken feed sacks--the beginnings of "growing up" I guess--uh maybe?

    Rick was eager to catch fish, so he stayed thing I know, I am being called awake by Rick to tell me..."You got a BIG one on!," so grumbling and mumbling about it, out I climb out, rip one stocking foot outta my blue nylons on the tailgate, then the other (hike them up and put my shoes on --high heels--duh, of course!), out I hobble (sight to behold I am betting) and in one fell good yank (yeh, to set the hook--sure...sure that was what I was trying to do!), broke the line before the bobber..."There...good enough!" and back to sleep I went. Rick says he watched that bobber do laps round the lake for a few hours...I feel sorry now for that fish and all but yeh, the mistakes we make in our youth--everyone seems to pay for our stupidness until we start smartening up!

    After a few hours of sleep...I wake and Rick decides we should head back to town. Poles away and off we go. Course he has to bug me and tell me he is going to swing by the local coffee shop for breakfast where all our delinquent friends will be and I freak my beak. Still got on last night's party dress, the nylons are toast, my hair is like a lion's is a passing thought! He carries on the charade all the way into town and thankfully has enough good sense to "drive by" and never stops to torment me further.

    Over the years, we still bring up the subjects and have a good laugh at my inability to sleep on chicken feed sacks and those blue nylons!

    Yeh, my parent's for surely spoilt me...yes sirree! SPOILT! [​IMG]

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    Tara, life is all about the memories. Good stories.
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    It is raining here like crazy, but the hummingbirds are still out. Haven't had a chance to be in the hives except for the install of the new package and then yesterday I threw the next box on top of the new hive real quick (didn't even smoke) and closed it up before they even knew what happened. I do love a good storm, though, and for an exhausted Friday night it's time to turn the lights off, grab a book and listen to it pound against the house.

    I think I have the perfect place to rehome them to.

    Thanks, everyone, for the kind words on my friend. It was hard the last few weeks to toe the line between wanting to tell her he was a cheating jerk (without solid proof) and trying to be supportive to her so in case it worked out she wouldn't hate me forever. I agree she's lucky to have gotten out of it alive, and when she first told me a few weeks ago the weirdness happening in her relationship my first response was to get tested for fleas and my second response was to talk to a lawyer. Just in case. I mean, what's the harm if it were to work out? At least you know the "rules" of what you're up against if you're up against it. I am all for getting information to squirrel away on the off chance that I'd need it. I'd rather know it now than scramble for it later.

    Anyway, after she confronted him today the last thing she told she told her friend who was with her was, "We're getting a divorce, like... NOW." No one has heard from her since (she left with him). I'm starting to get a bit worried.

    I'm wondering if Tampa police would do a wellness check. I'll call in a few hours if I don't hear from her. Edited to add she just texted me after I called her and left a VM threatening to call the police. WHEW.
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    Whew is right. Thanks for letting us all know.
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    Police officers will do welfare checks which consists of attempting to locate the person and telling them to call their parents, sibling, friend, etc............................for future reference........Just sayin'.....................
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    @canuck.. thanks for the kind words. I appreciate it
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    @wisher.. i looked on the buy, sell, trade section and was unable to locate that filter
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    You need to go to the "Matrix" Store......Get a chip for the head- Mr. Smith knows how to help.....
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