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Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by Wisher1000, Jul 28, 2012.

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    Use Wazine first and then two weeks later use Valbazen. All chickens should be wormed at about 16 weeks old. Round worms will sometimes mess up the plumbing and the pullets\hens will have wonky egg laying for the rest of their lives.

    After that, pay for a float test and treat based on the test.

    I predict a bounty of eggs for you a couple of weeks after treatment.

    Edited to add: I forgot to give the reason for using wazine first. If you give them Valbazen, it can cause an over load of dead worms that can kill the chickens. Wazine will kill round worms slowly allowing the load to go down.

    Valbazen will kill all worms, Cecal and tape worms along with round worms but it kills them all at once.
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    OZ are you sure those are pigs? They are so clean looking.
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOUR, [​IMG] Mine was 7-7 - could we be twins or something?
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    I like your approach.

    I admit to having a war chest of medication in my egg house but have not used anything in many months on my chickens except for vaccines and ivermectin. 90% of my chickens have yet to get an antibiotic.

    If there are clear symptoms then I wont hesitate to giving the most appropriate medication for the problem.

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    Happy Birthday Sour and Diva
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    It's a specific type of soap, but I hadn't read that yet when I first posted. I edited in the quote afterwards (it was new information for me when I saw it and posted it here)
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    Happy belated birthday to Sour and Diva.
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    its a soap called shaklees - its a mulrilevel marketing product. is made from corn and or cocnut oil and sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide just like most soaps. its biodegradable so there are no nasty additives just like simple soaps

    the post goes on about the surfactants in the product.

    all soaps are surfactants - they decrease surface tension of water - its why you get flat beer if you wash your beer glasses in deterfent

    if you want a natural wormer give a sliver od betel nut to you chickens

    at least there is scientific evidence based data on use in poultry

    personally i give drugs that i know work, know what the bioavailability of the actual compound that works and not worry about giving all those other chemicals i am giving my poultry that are in natural products.
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    It's called Shaklee Basic H, 1 concentrate bottle makes gallons of home cleaners. The home page of this has a livestock section.. So it's being used on cattle. I found it on Amazon. Hmmmmmmm. amazon is my favorite buying place because I have the prime and get most of my shipping free. Along with movies, music books free. I paid $69 last year and it was money WELL spent. I got a notice recently that my new renewal at $99 is due 7-11. [​IMG]

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