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  1. "Oh" she had picked up the swallow "Sorry Amy" she said to the swallow, then let it fly into a tree while she watched them
  2. "Amy! De-morph and come inside!" Danni called to her.
  3. "I am" she came up from behind Danni, the swallow still in the tree
  4. "Pleeeeaase tell me that I didn't just touch a regular bird..." Danni whined.
  5. "Swallows are clean animals" Amy said laughing, putting her arm around her to comfort her
  6. "Vivica!!!" She called a maid "I need you to run some bath water!!" The young maid giggled and went to do as told.
  7. "Now come on, stop living up to your royalty clean eww any wild animal is disgusting, they are clean!"
  8. "It was on my head!!!" Danni ran off to the bath.
  9. "Danni!" she grabbed her arm "It could have been percy"
  10. "But a bird was on my hair..." She whined.

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