The quackers are coming! (Sporadic hatching)


Feb 26, 2020
Southeastern Ontario, Canada
Hi! This is my first duckling hatch! Its sooo exciting I could just die.
Hatch Day is officially today, however I have three ducklings that have already made their debut. One as early as Sunday Night, the second yesterday afternoon and third sometime last night. Number one must be getting hungry and thirsty by now, I know they can last a little while on the yolk but would like a confirmation and some advice on moving her?
I was going to do it yesterday as she was super active and knocking some eggs around but noticed the second one coming and decided to wait so she'd have a friend and then it was like a chain reaction... I know the hazards of opening the incubator needlessly so I'm trying my best to only interfere if absolutely needed.

3/11 so far and 3 pips!
Thanks everyone!! Sorry I got a little distracted this afternoon as I'm sure you can imagine 😍

(I know that's a lot of food but I just wanted to make sure they were eating and I find it easier with an open faced dish. Once everyone's eating drinking and pooping they'll have proper feeders!)

I got a mixed dozen from a local lady. She has runners, pekins and crested pekins. I think there's some pure and some crosses in here but I guess we'll wait and see!

They're as messy as they are cute!
All the taless are true.
Here are Mozza, Havarti and Gouda ❤

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