The reason it's cold everywhere is because we are in a solar minimum

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    We are learning about it in schol right now, well last week. Lol

    A solar minimum happens every 11 years. The last solar minimum happened in 1997. This year it is supposed to be really cold.

    A solar minimum means there is a very low amount of high-level radiation. When there isnt a lot of high raditation, the Earth chills a little bit making it colder than previous years. I have never experienced anything below 10* but now it is -3* with a windchill of -30*

    Just wanted to share this with all of you guys. Dont stay outside too long because it will take your breathe away.

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  2. Well that may explain it. I also hear that the earths magnetic north is shifting much faster in the last few years.

    The farmers book says that this winter will have BREAKING cold temperature across north America. What is it that Al Gore said ?
    Oh, yea be sure to donate some money to my cuase, global warming is a seroius issue. [​IMG]
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    We haven't noticed any global warming here in Michigan. I think we will have at least 30" of snow outside by tomorrow night.
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    Oct 13, 2007
    Wow great info Cody, I hate this cold! [​IMG]
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    Global warming reminds me of the Y2K thing to scare people for a buck.
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    Very interesting! thanks for the share!
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    Awesome information! [​IMG] Thanks for sharing. I love nerdy weather stuff.
  8. speckledhen

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    Very interesting, Cody. I can say that this is the coldest December we've had in a long time, for sure. It was FIVE degrees this a.m.
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    That is very interesting. Hmmmm. This would explain the 0 temp we had this morning. Even the heated water bowls FROZE! Im NOT enjoying frozen cracked eggs at all!!
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    Apr 18, 2008
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    Haven't you noticed it isn't called Global Warming anymore? Now they call it "climate change" - like that's never happened before.

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