The Second American Revolution

I have a tip for you all...ever notice when you press 1 for english you end up with someone on the phone that is speaking englsih so poorly that you can't understand them anyway? That is the biggest pet peeve here in Canada...
The reason being is that they are actually taking our calls from overseas! Yup, those aren't even people trying to work in Canada! Our calls are being forwarded to other countries! Anyway, the way around this very frustrating issue for both us and the person we are speaking to press 2 for FRENCH....yes, it's true. Most French people speak engish very well, they actually have to be bilingual to get the job...
Anyway, unbelivably, pressing 2 for French is the way to get someone on the phone that you can understand;)
I've been spending alot of time recently with a fellow in the Falklands. Ha ha. We've been having trouble with our satellite television system (Dish Network) and that's where your call is routed re customer service. :thun I've been told that if you ask, they will route you to someone in the U.S.


P.S. Here in Idaho French is not an option. Wish it was!!
Yeah, I get tired of pressing 1 for English and then hearing a fellow on the other line say this is Bill, when he should say this is Sanjay in Bombay.
You are in the minority I think in being pleased with the French choice...course I might agree over a nice bottle of wine sitting at a bistro in Paris!!!

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