The things your animals will do when you've just given up hope...


10 Years
Jan 2, 2010
Not in the dungeon, that's for sure.
We had three goats up until about a week or two ago, and a buck we were borrowing from a friend. We had been hoping that the Numbskull had gotten the job done, and it looked like we might get a baby or two out of Ears, one of the does... Until she hung herself, by getting her head stuck in the fence, and strangled herself. Fiona doesn't look pregnant at all, and Josie was just starting to bag up, but we doubted anything would happen, until mom looked out the window roughly twenty minutes ago while we were all eating breakfast, and said, "There's a baby goat in the Milking Area!!" *Cue the excited screams, scraping of chairs, and Bunji and Joshua's house-shaking happy dance*
We now have a rather agitated Josie and two very confused kids, a boy and a girl, both white, and somehow I ended up with Naming Rights. Apparently mom and I had a conversation about it... However, my swiss-cheese brain is kicking in, and I don't remember it. I'm thinking maybe Anlyn, Parsona, or Molly for the girl, and for the boy, who we might end up selling pretty soon, Byrne or something else from a sci-fi series by Hugh Howey, the Bern Saga, AKA the Molly Fyde books, or the Silo books, also by Hugh Howey.

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