The Ugly Duckling a RP Game :)


5 Years
Aug 9, 2014
This game has ducks,geese and swans!The point of the game is to transform into a swan but first you have to live 5 years as a duck(any breed you choose),10 years as a goose(any breed you choose),then you spend a year as a cygnet and finally you transform into a SWAN!Now you age a year not by waiting but by answering a question correctly.If you answer a question wrong you don't get to age a year you just stay the age you are.Here are the rules:
1.Be nice
2.Ask questions with short answers
3.The question must be about waterfowl
4.Ask questions you know the answer to ahead of time
5.If the person gets the answer wrong tell them and say what was wrong
6.You can choose to start your duck and goose life as babies but you have to spend your first year as a swan as a cygnet
7.On all posts please place your birds age at the bottom
Do Muscovy drakes quack or hiss?
All ducks quack
Your reply: Sorry that's wrong Muscovy drakes unlike any other ducks hiss.

Then the person who answered wrong would stay her age if she got the answer correct she(or he) would age a year.
Please have fun and I hope this made sense!:)
Everyone is accepted and her is what you need to start a picture your name ,age and gender and personality of your waterfowl.
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I will start.
Age:just hatched my first year of life
Personality:quiet and personal

The first question is do ducks crow?
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Yay now Im on to my second year as a duck which would now as an adult here's what I look like:

Next question do hens need a rooster around to lay eggs?
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Can I make more than one character?

Name: Oreo
Age: First year of life
Gender: Female
Personality: Fun and Adventurous

What's the world record for the oldest duck?
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You can definitely have multiple characters and I think the age is 20 but I also read 22 so I am not sure which one :)oh and I hatched a little hen and her name is Oreo when she was young I would call her Mini Oreo.
And maybe it was overlooked but under my post with the older duck was a question :)

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