The waiting, the waiting!!!!


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Jan 8, 2010
Louisville, KY
My three Golden Comets will be 19 weeks Tuesday and not one single egg yet.
Only one has a really red comb. I hoping any day for her. One hardly has any red to her comb. Does the comb have to be fully developed before they will lay? It's like watching water boil--I really want some eggs!

my Gold Comet a few weeks ago, she is just now laying at 22 weeks....the only girls I have laying have very red combs and wattles....

I put there nest box in a few weeks ago with a fake egg. Every morning when I go to check--they have pushed the fake egg out and it's empty. I think they are trying to tell me something:lol:
I am also doing the waiting game. I have two RIR that sound be laying anytime now. I am not sure of there age they were a trade for some BRs, but I do know they are a week or two older than them.
I am playing the waiting game 3 Red Star pullets @ 20 weeks old... no eggies yet! One's comb/waddle is much redder and more developed than the other, but no egg squats going on....The wait is almost unbearable!
I'm with all of you! 18 1/2 week Golden Laced Wyandotte, and White Rock! Both are very red but no squatting yet! I'll be impatiently waiting with the rest of you!!

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