The warm weather is on it's way...


7 Years
Jan 6, 2013
SF Bay Area, California
Just some quick tips regarding summer weather.

Keep all water fonts in areas that do not have any direct sunlight during the day. Quail will not drink excessively warm water and this can easily lead to nerve damage or organ failure on hot days.

Auto watering systems should have any clear tubing shaded as well because it heats up very quickly. For large tanks (5 gallon water jugs or whatever you may have used) that aren't inside the coop where the birds can pick at it, foil tape like is used for sealing air conditioning vents works great for keeping water tanks cool.

Provide a spot of shade large enough your birds don't have to cram into or fight over. If you don't have anything to shade your coop, blue tarps and bungies are cheap and effective. Excessive heat is much harder on them excessive cold.

Feel free to discuss anything I may have missed, or other ideas for keeping water and coops cool in hot weather.

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