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    Apr 18, 2008
    I you had to select 2 chickens and only 2 to raise as a perpetual meat source what would you choose? My local ordinance stipulates a 2 poultry/fowl species limit. I figured a breeding pair of birds would be best, and if the young were consumed I would still be within the letter of the law.

    I myself have been interested in the New Hampshire. I have also though about hybrids but have concerns with thier long term reproductive viability.

    On one further note what is the min amount of chickens needed to maintain a stable genetic base. Perhaps I may be able to petition the local govt. to raise the limit a bit so that the endeavour may be self sustaining.
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    Mar 15, 2007
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    Hundreds of topics on this. There is simply no purebreed that makes good meat birds. Acceptable meat birds, yes. But if you are serious about raising crops, you're best off sticking with broilers.

    You could also use a Dark Cornish sire on pretty much any laying breed and get reasonable meat hybrids. The difficulty is going to be finding two chickens, since minimum orders are usually up around 25.

    As far as genetics go, there are no genetic diseases in chickens caused by inbreeding like it affects other mamals. So you can mate brother/sister ad nauseum and likely never see a problem from it.

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