There go the tomatoes!


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Jul 4, 2008
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My ducks have been clueless all summer long about how tasty tomatoes are......but my female duck just figured it out yesterday!



Cherry tomatoes are just perfect for duck beaks I guess!

I'm really impressed with her taste though - she's only picking the most perfectly ripe ones.
It's hilarious because now she keeps checking the tomatoes every 10 minutes - I guess just in case something ripened while she wasn't looking.

And she taught the boys to hang out in the plants too. I guess social learning applies to ducks too!
I looove these pictures, your duck is a sweetie. I've been trying to stuff my ducks for ages with tomatoes but they've just never figured out what to do with them! Maybe I'll move the entire plant over to them!
Thank yooo for this, I WAS having a rotten day at work, now I'm smiling! Can't wait to get back home to my ducks!
What's hilarious is that I think she didn't eat them until now because they actually taste better now then earlier in the season. Less mealy and more flavor. All the ducks completely ignored the tomatoes before and I thought they just weren't suited to the duck palate. But then my neighbor's kids gave the ducks some of their delicious cherry tomatoes - and they ate them all!

They do that with peaches/nectarines too. If I think the fruit is sub-par the ducks don't like it either. But if it's a dripping with sweetness peach they mob me - crowding into my lap and stealing the peach to eat it all!

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