there something with this egg its cracking randomly

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    Dec 18, 2016
    I found this egg in my chicken coop, which was left and i think its mother doesnt want it cause the egg was left alone and it was the time for the chickens to sleep. So i took the egg home and since i didnt have a incubator i got a warm towel and wrap it and put it on a heater and a couple of hours later it had a crack we didnt touch it so we didnt know how it crack we used a flashlight and it doesnt have a blood line so we left it for another day and now it cracks 3/4 of the egg now and still doesnt have a blood line so is it infected?
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    More information is needed here. Was the hen actually broody or did you just take an egg that was randomly laid? Hens don't hatch all their eggs. It sounds like this is the case? Or was it a partially developed egg you were trying to save?

    Either way cracking is a bad sign. Could be if it started to develop and the embryo died that now it's decomposing and the gases are forcing the shell to crack and you're lucky it hasn't exploded yet. If it was just a random egg you grabbed I can't really say why it's cracking but you're probably not going to hatch it especially since it doesn't sound like you have a real incubator.

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