There's a chicken in my coat! <3


9 Years
Mar 28, 2011
Orrington, MAINE
I have to share this:

My smallest BO hen October (whom I call Toby) has always been my baby, always at my feet, always wanting to be where I am. We're in the midst of winter here in Maine and the mornings are pretty frigid some days. One particularly chilly morning I went out first thing as I usually do and let the girls out into their run. I visit for a minute and then head out to clean the poop from the coop. One of the girls always comes back up into the coop to talk and this morning in particular it was Toby. I picked her up and gave her a kiss... and then put her down to continue with my cleanup. She wasn't having it this day. Like a kid with outstretched arms saying "Pick me up!" she walked right back up to me with her chest pushed up against me and standing on tippy toes. How could I resist? So this time, I picked her up and carefully tucked her inside my jacket... and zipped her up! Now I stood there for a minute wondering if there would be a chicken freak out inside my coat......... just the opposite happened. I could feel her relax and her little head nuzzle up near my armpit. Oh be still my heart.
So chicken in coat, I continued with my cleanup chores and then went into the run and sat for awhile with her. Peeking in every once in awhile to see her sleeping like a little baby in there. Well, you can't tell me that chickens aren't smart. She's looking for this treatment on most cold mornings now.... and I just can't resist her!


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