Thermometer placement


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9 Years
Jun 28, 2010
Hi, I have a still air incubator with turner. I'm having trouble with placement of thermometer to read temps correctly. I tried puting it on top of eggs, when it turns thermometer slides to bottom. I taped it across two corners of incubator. what temp should it be to be correct. it is placed where it is even with middle of eggs. I know it should be 99.5 but is that where i have thetmometer or on top of eggs. Help needed. Thanks
You need at least two thermometers in there and some people use more! The ones that come with the incubator that are glued to clear plastic are useless. We use digitals: one placed so we can read it through the glass and a remote wireless one placed anywhere in the bator. The receiver is where we will notice it all the time. The digitals are pretty thick so it matters less where they are placed.

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