These are a few of my favorite things:


Easter Hatch!!
10 Years
Jul 17, 2009
-Accidently funny topic posts, like "Help! Chicken nipples!"
-Nice, round numbers. I got to submit post #4,000 on the AZ thread.
-Roosters who sound like velociraptors--for no apparent reason.
-Watching the chicks run in their "mini-flock" through tall grass. As though they have a destination.

How about you?
Hearing our roo 'talk' at DH when he goes out for his morning smoke.....Seeing DH go get a cup of sunflower seeds for the roo who just asked for them.

Hearing DS ask 'Mom, this chicken is talking to me and I dont know what she wants'.

The smell of horse on my hands after I hand out love pats.

Seeing the chickens 'eye-balling' the newly tilled garden.
-My 4 year old asking me, "what did Dozer and Nugget just say?"

-The toddler saying, "Stouch shickens?" and being super gentle.
I love this thread
Watching my Cochin Hen run
Getting fresh laid eggs
Hearing my son talk about the chicken tractor
Seeing how proud my son was to show me the chicken coop he made from his Lego's.

Watching the way baby chicks sleep
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Watching how taken my teenager is with the chickens when before we got them, she thought it was "stupid". And the fact that now she doesnt want to give anything we hatch up,lol.
the way my chickens smell
the way they scratch the ground and THEN look to see what they unearthed
my ducks wagging their tails
the unique sound my mandarins make
my new runner ducks

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