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13 Years
Jan 24, 2007
Well, I hatched a dozen Silkie and 3/4 Silkie chicks a couple days ago. The pure Silkies are from the original 4 hens and a roo I hatched from Tom (Kentucky Silkies) a couple years ago, but the 3/4 Silkie chicks are from my my Silkie roo, and my half-Silkie pullets. These pullets are from my buff Silkie roo, Maurice, and my cucoo Marans hens. I am really looking forward to seeing what these 3/4 Silkie chicks look like when they grow up. They pretty well just look like Silkie chicks. Any of you hatched 3/4 Silkie chicks? How did they come out?
i hatched out one that was a mix of a buff ameracanu and white silkie. it is a hen she is buff colored, the feathers are more like the ameracanu but she has 5 toes has the darkskin and comb and feathers on the feet.
Thanks, gamebirdsonly. Probably something like I will get, except maybe mine will have the silkie feathers, as I understand you have to have the silkie gene on both sides, and I will in these 3/4 Silkies.
I will try to get some pics taken soon, Josie & Julie. Have been ferrying a friend back & forth to hospital for heart tests.

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