1. Ever since I've had my chickens their noses are always runny and their snot smells like rotten eggs! ALL of them! Is this just natural? Or are they sick?

  2. sourland

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    May 3, 2009
    New Jersey
    Your birds may have Infectious Choryza - Albon is the treatment drug of choice. The disease tends to become chronic in nature.
  3. The chickens I've had for a long time have never smelled bad at all. We just aquired some new young chickens (pullets?), and I noticed when we got them in the pen that they smelled bad, but I thought that it was just because the guy had been keeping them in a horse pen with a bunch more of chickens. We've never had any diseases since we've had chickens, (only ever had a few,they're free range, and I keep a close eye on them.) A couple of days after we got the new ones, I noticed one of the new 10 we got, was sneezing and coughing and was staying to herself a lot. I thought she had caught a cold due to being brought into an outside pen (with sheltered roost). It rained the first night we got them and the pen was muddy. When I noticed this, I called the vet, he told me to seperate her, and give her Tetracycline, so I did. I kept her inside. She was eating and drinking the water, but about the next day she died in the night. The day after that my favorite Bantam rooster started standing around, and I noticed his runny nose, sneezing and cough.. He was not in the pen with the new chickens, he is free range, normally very healthy, lively and happy and pretty shiney feathers. Had to have caught it in the air as far as I can tell since he had been close to the fence checking out the new crew. I isolated him and started him on the med., but he didn't want to eat or drink. I took him inside and began to give him the med. water by syringe (w/o needle). The next day he seemed to feel better. Then another of the new chicks got sick, and I isolated her and began treatment. She eats and drinks good but still coughs, but that's the only symptom I can see in her. Rooster's runny nose cleared up, and cough and sneezing, and yellow diarrhea is gone, and poop is hard and white. He did eat some of the oyster shells I put in the cage. He sleeps a lot, but doesn't want to eat or drink, so I give him med by syringe by mouth. He was actually up on his perch a couple of days ago and I thought he was getting better, but now he has a type of sore on the side of his face about where his ear is. Been putting neosporin on it since I noticed it yesterday. Also giving them all electrolytes. Today his eye is swelled and his nostrils seem stopped up or swollen maybe, I streches out his neck and gasps at times like he is trying to clear his throat. I am at a loss. This morning saw anothe small pullet exhibiting signs, and quarantined her also, but she died this evening. I am going to try to get her sent off to the lab monday, hoping that it won't be too long to do a successful necropsy. Sounds like from your post, that it may be a long time to get a diagnosis. Hope not. I'll be paying attention to see what you find out cause it sounds like what might be my problem. Today I noticed that the rooster's comb looks like it is starting to get dark looking on the tips, and I noticed a few little black pepper looking places on his comb, so small I wasn't sure if they just now showed up. We've had chickens a long time and I've never seen anything like this.
  4. Will they all die Sourland? I don't think they will because they've been like this for a year now. Maybe it's just year round allergies? It's just their snot, not the actual birds feathers and such. Please help me here! Hate to put more stress on myself, but let's hope for the best! :)

  5. dawg53

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    I agree with Sourland, sounds like Infectious Coryza. Contact your local extension office and find out how to get one of your sick birds tested for verification.

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