They won't eat the soy beans!?! Better recipe?

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    I was so happy to have received a free bag of soy beans from DH's workmate because I've read such good things about the protein boost (have several girls in molt right now).

    I tried baking them, and that went well, but I couldn't prepare very much at a time. They stayed pretty seed-like (small, round), and the girls would eat them, although they were last choice of my mixture.

    Two days ago I tried the soaking, boiling thing, and refridgerated the whole pot. The plus side is that I was able to cook a LOT at one time, and the beans stayed firm (not mushy), although they now look more like beans rather than little round seeds...guess the water plumps them out. I mixed them in with leftover TGiving Day corn and green beans (added a tiny bit of gravy to the mix to give the soy beans flavor). My daggone girls picked around every soy bean!! I think they managed to lick the gravy off even, but they did NOT eat the soy beans???? [​IMG]

    Is there a different, better way to serve soy beans?? Or do you think it's just that they're not used to them?? [​IMG] I can go back to baking them instead, I just can't prepare much at a time that way...
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    Dec 5, 2010
    I'd just they just need to get used to them. [​IMG]

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