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Sep 20, 2014
Denver, CO
Four years ago we adopted some “retired” organic industry layers... all red sex links. I did my research and realized that because these birds were bred to lay a lot of eggs early in their lives, we would probably end up with some sort of reproductive problems at some point. And this has been true. Of the original six, one became egg-bound and died before I knew how to help her and two became internal layers.

For two years now our hen Marquis has been laying very thin-shelled, HUGE eggs. This is exactly how our first internal layer, Henrietta, started down the path of EYP.

I realize that the answer is probably "there's nothing you can do, it's inevitable", but I thought I'd ask, just to be safe. Is there anything I can do to help her eggs have thicker shells? They get plenty of sunshine (vitamin D) and, of course, they have access to oystershell at all times. I tried to bump Henrietta's calcium intake up back when she was still with us, but nothing ever seemed to work.

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May 1, 2017
Emmaus, Pa
I’m having the same problem with one of mine. I need to give her calcium everyday or they break from being laid on. One area seems to be thinner than the rest and they are very big and long. Don’t know what to do anymore.

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