Thin, puckered shell from new layer


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May 12, 2020
Vancouver Island
I've got 5 Red Production pullets about 19 weeks old and just starting to lay. The variety of egg shape, size and shell has been amazing. One gal has produced at least 2 eggs with a thin, puckered-looking shell. Could this be simply growing pains? She also has a hard time making it to the nest box, either dropping it right off the roost in the early hours or just leaving it in the middle of the run. She is lowest in the pecking order and gets bullied away from the nest box. We were told to have only one nest box for 5 birds but I wonder if that is enough.
They have constant access to layer pellets and oyster shell, an outdoor run and several hours free range in the fading veggie garden.
Thanks for any and all advice, both in the past and the future! 20200918_092036.jpg


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Sep 29, 2014
New Zealand

This is a very good article that explains the variety of weirdness hens can lay.

Perhaps you could add a box that offers privacy as an alternative nest in a quiet corner of the coop so she has a choice. People often use the enclosed kitty litter box as nesting boxes. There are heaps of ideas for diy nestboxes online too.


Dec 12, 2018
Knoxville, TN
My experience is if you had 3 nests and each nest is big enough for 2 hens, then the first 2 hens will lay in the same nest basically sitting on one another and the 3rd hen will have to lay in another nest only because she can't fit in the other nest.

New layers can take a few weeks to iron out the details.

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