Things my duck eats - good/bad?

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    Jul 30, 2014
    Kwackerjack is about 2 months old now and stays in the house 98% of the time & very spoiled. LOL so of course I want only the best for him while also keeping him happy and content.

    Let me start by saying his primary diet is "H and H Soy Free Non GMO Feed" but at 26% [​IMG] protein, I 50/50 it with rolled oats.

    so... I've used rice krispies or Cheerios to teach him that his that when it's time for bed or to eat he goes to his "room" which is a XL wire dog kennel. I really want to offer his these treats when he's being sweet or cuddley but I'm not sure if Krispies or Cheerios are appropriate snack foods.

    And... most evenings he gets a "soup" of crumbles/oats, cream of wheat, ground flaxseed & frozen mixed veggies (peas corn carrot green bean) then adding enough warm water to make a thin soup. He LOVES his soup and will make happy "woohoo" sounds as he noisily slurps it up.

    I know I need to find a lower staple food (and suggestions are greatly appreciated) but otherwise does his diet seem OK?
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