thinking of getting bees

Don't know if this is a good deal or not, but I'm interested also. I've been thinking of getting bees for a couple of years now. I have 3 friends that have bees and they are going to help me set up when I'm ready. One of them gave me an old hive, but I haven't cleaned it out yet. I'm sure there are plenty of beekeepers on here that are very knowledgeable about this deal. They look nice, but not sure of anything else.
I recently just got bees and i do not suggest buying hives from ebay or craigslist. you need to get them from an apiary. I got mine from H&R apiaries. They sure are fun to raise.
Also just got into bees, I would not suggest going with that setup.

Really the cost is much more the equipment you need to deal with the bees and the bees them selves.

Right off the bat that is a 5 frame nuc box and you would need to add another on top in very short order or they would over crowd. The small the space the bees have to work with the quicker things happen and the more on top on managing them you would need to be. Taking honey off this sort of set up would also be difficult I would think you would need three boxes to do it without running into swarming or brood being layed in your honey.

Sort of minnimum set up would be a standard 10 frame hive with 2 deep boxes for wintering over and at least one honey super plus top and bottom covers. With wood frames and wax foundation cost is going to be bout $100 or a little more, then a good 4 or 5 fram nuc of bees is going to be about another $100-$150. Don't forget hive tools, smoker, gloves, veil and other feeders and other things that go along with keeping bees.

Check out bee keeping supply places they will have all the stuff you need and many have good info on the set up basics. I think a few even sell a starter kit with pretty much everything you really need to get started. Linking up with a local bee keepers association or club is likely to be a far more likely path to success than that Ebay setup.
Ive had bees for more than 20 years.
#1. The calmer YOU are the calmer THEY are. So....If you need a space suit from NASA to work the bees, by all means get one. For most everyone else, light colored clothing and a net to keep bees out of your face is good enough. (angry bees tend to go for dark spots and CO2 like your are breaking into their house...wouldnt YOU be angry???))
#2. Gloves are OK, but you are cumbersome with them. If they make you comfortable, by all means wear them!!!!!
#3. A Smoker is an absolutley MUST HAVE ITEM!!! The smoke "calms" the bees as in it makes them go for the honey....a full bee is a happy bee.
#4. slow deliberate movements keep bees calm.
#5. as soon as you open the hive you will have a 6 foot circle of swirling NOT SO HAPPY BEES flying around. Dont stand in front of the hive, they dont like that!
#6. Your bees will either bee calm or nasty....If they are nasty close it up and try another day. Bees get moody too.......BUT if they are AGGRESSIVE all the time then you have another issue.......THere is a GREAT difference between a defensive hive and in aggressive hive. Defensive bees will be all over you but leave you alone if you move 20 or 30 feet away. Aggressive hives will follow you for a half mile or more.

I just LOVE sitting next to a healthy happy hive...smelling the smell and listening to the busy buzz of the whole thing. LOVE IT!!!
Wow thanks!! my Dad is afraid of them and wants a space suit, but I don't mind them we had some many around our flowering citrus trees it was almost like a hive!
I saw a YouTube video where they had a trap door so that the could get out but not back in, does it work?
My hubby and I had bees a long time ago. They seemed to tolerate me much more than him. I could mow grass around them and not have a problem. Poor hubby got within 10 feet and they were already changing the pitch of their humming. Do bees have a people preference?

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