Third time is a charm!!

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    Sep 20, 2012
    We previously had two disastrous experiences with backyard chickens and, after relocating our chicken area, decided to try again! Things are going GREAT!


    This is Snowball. She is our oldest and a White Plymouth Rock. She had just finished rolling around in the dirt in our garden beds. Goofy chicken! She is very friendly and sociable. She is also the Top Chicken in the flock. She is a bit of a loner though.


    We got our very first egg from her yesterday! We were SOOO excited!


    This is Castroneves (Cassie for short). She is our Barred Plymouth Rock. She won't come up to you like Snowball will, but if you manage to catch you, she will close her eyes and fall asleep while you pet her. She is also kind of a loner. She is probably Second in Command of the flock! :)


    The orange one is Taco. She is our Rhode Island Red. The smaller one is Eglantine and she is our Easter Egger. Taco and Eglantine go everywhere together. They even sleep snuggled up together in the coop. They are Omega's in the flock.. Especially Eglantine. Probably because she is the smallest. She is sneaky and has learned to move fast so as to not get pecked at by the others when given treats! Neither one of them enjoy being held or touched.

    This is Chocolate (in the front) and Chip. They are our French Black Copper Marans. They are the Middle of the Pack (uh.. Flock) and pretty much always stay together. Chocolate doesn't mind being held. Chip does. The guy who sold me these girls breeds them for show and they didn't make the cut. Chocolate has longer tail feathers while Chip has a "nubby butt". Chip has feathers on her feet and Chocolate doesn't. Chocolate has the copper coloring throughout her body and both girls have some white spots on their feathers. They are sweet girls though.


    Every evening, I lock our dog up in the bedroom and let the girls have the run of the backyard! You can't see in the picture, but to the right are the garden beds and compost corner. They love it over there! We also have a woodpile under our tree and they find lots of bugs! They also peck around under our deck! They know when it is getting time, because they are all gathered by the door, waiting for me to come let them out! :)

    We have to be very careful with our dog. I've started locking her in the bedroom because once, my son accidentally let her out while the chickens were out and it was total chaos! I was so afraid I was going to lose one. Sally (our dog) seems to lose her ability to hear and/or obey commands when there are chickens around!

    The whole family LOVES the chickens! We are so excited that it is going so well!!
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    Dec 12, 2013
    You have lovely birds, glad to hear it's working out for you. Thanks for sharing the photos!
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    That's great you are all enjoying them so much. Its nice that you can give them some yard time while the dog chills in the bedroom. My Rocks are alphas, too.
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    May 11, 2010
    They look so tiny out in that big yard! Congratulations on your third try and I hope they continue to do well.

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