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8 Years
Jul 14, 2011
My backyard farm, Maine

I got some new tools for Christmas and am now in need of a bigger toolbox

I have a small one that I use for my drill bits and zip ties and other small odds and ends.
But now I'm in need of one big enough for some of my power tools and bigger stuff.

Because I'm a girl who's favorite colors are pink and green, my mother and sisters think I need a pink one.

Does anyone know where I can find a decent sized, tough exterior, pink tool box?

I've heard of The Original Pink Box but it's mostly tool BAGS. I already have one of those. Now I need a box.

Pretty please anyone?
I'd go with a regular tool box and a several coats of pink paint.
But then again, just about everything I do, I look for the cheapest way to do it.
I want a pink tool belt with some rhinestones.....

I wish I could find a rolling tool box that I could put my stuff in and move. Watch for the weight on your tool box! I have the big bag that the big kit used to come in, but I can not lift it when full.

I ended up putting my tools in a couple of tubs based on what they are for, so things like the gardening tools are in one and the wood working are in another.
Have you looked at rolling coolers?
What about those big plastic totes, like the ones for Christmas stuff?
They sometimes have different colours and some have wheels too.
Not exactly a TOOL BOX, but cheeper and, if it has wheel, easier to move around.
Oh good idea! I'll look at those too!

@Carol's Clucks - I think we have the same bag
I got a 4 piece tool kit (amongst others) and it came with a bag to carry them in and I'm afraid I probably can't. Could you imagine a 95 lb. woman trying to carry a duffel FULL of power tools? Haha I think not.

@Ridgerunner - Now that is a nifty idea
I think I might just do that!

I'm going to run to Lowes tonight and see what I can find. Ebay and Amazon haven't been very helpful this week
There's a huge advantage to pink tools. They don't tend to walk off like regular tools and get left wherever the men were working that day.

A can of that spray paint made for plastics, or a can of spray-on Rustoleum for metal should fix you right up.

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