This is a gotta see video clip. Dancing Chicken

wow that is pretty cool! umm it looks like she is scratching for food but it is a dance! funny!!!
No I didn't like the title. Thought it may be something abusive. I'll watch it next time i'm there.
I just had to share the dancing chicken. That was just too cute.
I just loved it myself. Before my husband got the run put up my chickens where free ranging. My husband had to move the coop which took about 4 other people to accomplish it. Anyway, When they moved it they had forgotten to move the feed trays and they spilled. The chickens where doing the dance in the pile of feed. It instantly reminded me of the dancing chicken.
I just love my chickens. I need a shirt that says that.
I know that a long time ago, those pads the chickens were standing on had an electric current running through them. The chicken "danced" to avoid contact. The music box would offer treats when they endured a certain amout of time "dancing".

I suspect this.
Now, I don't think it is so cute. I sure hope that isn't how they got it to dance. It looks like it is scratching for food but it kinda goes with the music. Gosh, I sure hope thats not what they did. I'll have to ask them now. I saw an ad on Craigslist today giving away a young dog. Its collar looked like it was digging into its neck. Of course I sent them an email and told them they needed to check that collar. It looks too tight.

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