this is ridiculous, help? their running around continously like something is trying to kill them(emergency)


Nov 9, 2020
I seriously dont get what's wrong! As soon as the lights came on their running around crazed! Their absolutly terrified of SOMETHING and they wont stop.

They've been at it for an hour now and their going to stress themselves to death at this rate!

They were doing it last night but stopped once I turned all the lights out. Their trying to get out, glass surfing and leaping to try and escape.
It's not like the temps high or anything???? Their not cooking!

They seem to hit lulls, they'll all stop for just a few moments then they start right back up!I tried to give them some greens to distract them but they dont give a single ****! I'm going to have dead birds by the end of the day if ths keeps up?????
Iv got a bigger pen coming for them, but for now the only thing I Could do would be put them outside in the coup I built for them. But its 36 degrees outside and their only 3 weeks old! I can put a heat lamp out for them but they'll probably all freeze to death!
Could it also be the sudden light change? My birds would run around when the were inside in the brooder and the light levels suddenly changed. I agree though that they do need more space. I give 1 square foot per bird and lots of hiding spaces.
I winterized their outdoor coup and put them outside. They seem curious and less panicked now. They've got a heat lamp inside the "house" and they seem to be coming out running around then back in. It's cold but above freezing right now. And the spot their in gets good sun most of the day. I may bring them in at night and see how that works.


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