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    And I am wondering if I should contact Ideal. Out of 17 packing peanuts and 6 ducklings received on Friday, I have 3 packing peanuts and 5 ducklings left.

    That is 15 dead birds in two days. Is this normal for shipped chicks/ducklings? This is the first time I have ordered from a hatchery and honestly I get better results from hatching shipped eggs and they cost less!!!!
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    Nov 19, 2008
    I had the same problem with Ideal. I use McMurray and My Pet Chicken only. Never had a problem with those two.
  3. debilorrah

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    Wow this sucks. I am going to call them in the morning and tell them. Not that they will do anything about the packing peanuts, but the theduckling they should give me my money back... I paid A LOT extra for a small order.
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    Last October, my friend and I placed an order with Ideal. So the same because I live in California too. I think we ordered 26 birds and we did not get any extras. She lost 1 the day of delivery and a few days later, I lost 2. Nothing horrible I do not think. Kind of sad that they did not give us extras to pad the losses. They did refund her for the one that died that day. A month or so later, one of my sex links was a roo and I called and complained and they refunded the money. So call them, they are very easy to work with. From what I can gather, you only lost 1 duck right? The packing peanuts are just that so they will refund you for the duck.

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    How cold were they? That's a lot of casualties... I've used ideal in the past for ducks and geese and only ever had one not make it. BUT, I was also having them shipped in the spring when it was warmer... Didn't look to see where you're at, maybe you aren't frozen solid like we are right now either. I'd contact them. You'll either wind up getting more packing peanuts, or possibly some money back. Then again, if something is actually wrong, they should know about it.
  6. debilorrah

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    I am in SoCal. They arrived warm, I took them right home and put them under the heat lamp and gave them water and food and showed them where both were. My son kept doing the same after I went back to work. I woke up yesterday to a bunch dead, the duckling last night and then 4 more chicks dead this morning.

    All my other birds that I hatched did just fine in the brooder in the garage with the heat lamp. I cannot say this has been a good experience.
  7. Mag16

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    Sorry about your chicks!

    I have ordered twice from Ideal - 40 chicks plus 7 peanuts. All birds arrived safe and healthy. The first order was for 30 chicks (Cochins, RIR, Buff Orpingtons, and Blue Andalusian)and arrived last February in this weather:


    I am in Texas so my chicks did not have as far to travel but this was not typical weather for Texas. I am in my 40's and the last time that I saw anything close to this much snow was when I was a kid.

    Also, in my first order they did not have the special chicks - Blue Cochins - that my grandson wanted so they went above and beyond and found another breed of blue chicks for replacements (Grandson didn't care what type of chick as long as it was blue).

    The second order was 10 mixed Cochins and the peanuts were EEs.

    My experience with their CS has been great. I'm sure if you call them they will replace or refund your order. I think any hatchery has it share of bad shipments/hatches.

    Here are some pictures of my birds from Idea (just because I like to show them off:




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    When I order from a hatchery I try to find a local feed store that uses them for a supplier. The feed store will usually tack a special order onto their regular order for anything out of the ordinary that I want, as long as I prepay for the special order chicks. My theory is that my chicks will come in a larger shipment, more chicks = more warmth. And the feed store is the same price per chick that I pay once I add in shipping if I did it on my own...and no "small order" charges.

    I am going tomorrow to order my "specials" at the feed store that works with Ideal. I hope mine arrive safely. This will be the first time from Ideal. My regular feed store orders from Privett and I have gotten burned on my specials from Privett for the last 3 years in a row...always end up with some roos on pullet only orders and poor egg production no matter the breed.
  9. mississippifarmboy

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    Contact Terri at Ideal, she'll credit you for the ducks I'm sure. I've ordered 100's from them and they have always been fair. I do think that's alot to die though, I usually order 100 at a time and might lose one or two.
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    This is so sad................not the way you want to start the day


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