This one confuses me. Opinions welcome :)


Apr 27, 2020
Selah, Washington, USA
So we picked up 2 production reds from a pullet bin on April 9th.
My daughter named this one Jewel.
Jewel has always been bigger and grown faster than any of our other pullets.
I often sit with them out in the run and talk, interact and observe. Jewel has shown zero aggression towards myself or my children.

Yesterday I was out there and observed her. She was very dominant, she was walking on the others, chest bumping them, etc. not hurting them just being kinda a bully.
I also observed her really closely thinking she was behaving like a Cockerel. She doesn’t have big comb and waddle growth, which is why I have never considered her as a cockerel. But her tail feathers, are curved and very pointed vs the nice straight and rounded that I have come to learn is a hen trait.
Also, we have 16 chickens. What I though was 15 pullets and 1 cockerel, his name is Blue. While I was out there, I watched Blue head up the ladder to the coop for an afternoon nap and about 8 of the pullets followed him. He slept at the top of the ladder and the rest napped behind him. However Jewel went and laid down in the sun, and the remaining pullets followed her and laid with her.
The social separation I found fascinating and that made me think that maybe she is a cockerel and they are establishing their own flocks/social order within our little coop.
So sorry for the long post, but I felt the details were important. Here are pictures of Jewel. Do I have a Cockerel or just a very dominant future Hen?


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