This rare Indonesian chicken is completely black, on the outside as well as on the inside.

Hello all those out there,

i am interested in this Ayam Cemani, does anyone know much about it.

i found this description, but...

If you have a thing for exotic looking chickens, we’ve found a breed that you need to add to your coop. Meet the Ayam Cemani. This Indonesian chicken is a rare breed, but you won’t mistake it for any other. It’s completely black, featuring feathers with a metallic sheen. Its skin is even black, they have black feathers and a black beak, and roosters have a black comb. But even more unusual? All of its internal organs and bones are black, too.

Does anyone know what it is worth?? I know its worth huge amounts in america, but what about in England.


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Use the search function. There's tons of info and threads.
They're not worth huge amounts here in America at this point. The craze here is about over for them. I was never that excited. I mean wow a chicken that is black inside and out?
Wait a minute.... Black silkies are black inside and out and they've been around for decades.
I hatched one Ayam Cemani egg in August and he is so much different than my other chicks. He was very different when he hatched and has always been very friendly, curious, an avid hunter and snuggly. He is smaller than his EE hatch brother and EE buff Orpington hatch sister. He is totally black and has a vibrant purple iridescent sheen to his feathers. He is very striking and he has a wildness about him. He seems very intelligent and when he hatched he cried endlessly unless he was held. I’m assuming he is a little roo because he was born with a larger, very pronounced comb and has little black waddles growing. It will be interesting to see what his temperament is like as he matures. So far we adore him.

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