This really helped my hen who was sick with very bad sour crop


Dec 21, 2020
My hen was looking very unbalanced and when she tried to walk, she would tip over backwards or to one side. I took her to the Vet and they did an ultrasound and said that she had a 'mass' in her abdomen. The next day she couldn't even walk at all and couldn't use her legs - she was just laying down with her legs out behind her, I thought for sure that she would die. I was looking on the chicken-related forums and came across a post that suggested giving her human stool softener (Docusate Sodium). I cut open the gel capsule and squeezed the liquid inside onto a grape and I fed the grape to her (her favorite) I did this with two capsules. The next day she pooped quite a bit, and was looking stronger, and had a good appetite, but still couldn't walk. The next post that I read suggested giving her Keifer grains. I purchased some water Keifer grains (not the dairy ones) and fed those to her the next day. After only one dose of Keifer grains, she showed a huge improvement and was able to stand up with one leg being stronger than the other. On the second day I fed her another dose of Keifer grains, and by the third day she was actually up and walking around again though a little weak, but eating on her own and wanting be be back with the other hens. So, it seemed that. combination of keeping her separate (in a dog crate with water and nesting materials), feeding her food with a high liquid content (grapes) at least once a day - plus her regular lay crumbles in the morning, and then giving her the stool softener and the water Keifer grains - let her go from not being able to walk - to looking nearly normal again. It seemed like something of a miracle! I hope that this can help someone else whose hen may be suffering from sour croup or a similar condition. The Keifir Grains were only 11.99 on Amazon: and the stool softener can be purchased for between $5.00 and $6.00 at any pharmacy or on Amazon at:

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