Those of you with chicken permits... need info ASAP on applications!

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    Our big city council vote on changing the zoning ordinance is Monday. The City Planner just threw an 11th hour wrench into the works by intorducing some quite ridiculous application precedures. I'm working with my Councilor on a more easonable proposition.

    Here's what they proposed:
    You go make an application and town hall at pay $50 fee.
    The city sends notices to all neighbors w/i 500 feet (that;s over 100 homes in our case!!) and puts legal notices in the paper.
    Then you get scheduled for a City COuncil Meeting (twice a month) and go make a presentation at a public hearing (where your neighbors can complain of they dont want chickens)
    If you can prove you'll abide by the super-strict rules, you get your permit.
    Each year thereafter, notice gets mailed out again to abutting neighbors. If no complaints, you get another year. if any neighbor tells the city they're concerned about your operation, you are back to the City Council public hearing.
    There are fines up to $100 for each day you break a rule.

    I don't need comments on how silly this is, I already know that... but looking for some actual alternative ways that other communities handle permits, so we can discuss with the city.

    For intance, does anyone come to inspect your coop prior to granting permit? if so, who? Who handles subsequent inspections and/or complaints?

    Thank you!

    Stacey & Olivia
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