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I've been feeding my chickens Purina poultry feed. In order for me to continue to feed them that I'd have to drive about an hour to get to any feed store that carries it. Just recently I discovered that a store in my town carries all kinds of livestock feed, and that's only a 15 minute drive. Now to get to the point, the company that manufactures this store's feed is called Star Milling Co. I can't seem to find any poultry feed reviews about these guys, but according to their website they use high quality ingredients. I'll post a link to all their poultry feed products (they have all their ingredients listed). Does anyone have any experience with this company? Do the ingredients seem ok? Thanks in advance.
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Anyone else?

The ingredients seem fine, maybe even better than Purina. I would definitely try it, especially given how far you are driving for Purina.
I just bought my first bag of their layer crumbles. I'm curious to see how they like it. Do you have an update on the Star Mill brand?
I use a Miller that I order from called compare ingredients as to star milling brand.with star they have soy and corn as main ingredients with countryside they have all organic non soy field peas, oats, bran, flaxseed, sea kelp, wheat, fish meal, and more. It all depends on what your wanting to feed. If you compare the ingredients I think you will much like countryside better. It's got less corn, no soy, and probotics and a higher vitamin content. They will ship to your door as well. I'm in California and I haven't found anything that compares to their ingredients so I order from them in VA. And they ship directly to my front door. I really want you to take a look at countryside and compare the ingredients. I think you will find it better than star. I think their prices are quite reasonable as well. They only Mill small amounts at a time so you're product is insured to be fresh. I've been VERY happy with them. You asked options on the ingredients from star and in all honesty they could be better. Before you buy from them please compare to countryside and look at the differences in ingredients. I think you will choose countryside. I pay about 27.00 for a 50 pound bag. It is worth the extra couple of dollars. They are also USDA certified organic. So your not getting GMO. Their feed is also soy free unlike stars who lists soy as one of the first ingredients. So take a look at countryside organics and see if you might like it better. I really hope this helps. I wish the best for you and your flock.
yes but what do you pay for shipping?????
i was going to order over $100 worth but the shipping to Ky was over $

yes, I am a senior citizen, newbie chicken owner and before I used to pay dearly for Eggland cage free organics before moving here from city.
so we bought his eggs till he got rid of his chickens.....
then we found another couple who sells eggs.... but those chickens are penned up in a smaller area......
so I decided to control what I eat ... some...
then we moved down here. met nice guy who lets his chicken range with goats, sheep....
I called Sonora and they only have a little left of organics and its like $40.. owner said people just stopped buying it....
the 20 miles away ... curving winding roads I wont drive has a feed they mix but main ingredient is SOY but the Amish guy says" its not GMO....." duh duh
so I bought only
1.. wheat Hard) is that good ????
2 Millet
3 milo
4.......corn (whole) I haven't given them any corn yet.... I can put it in blender or processor
...... thats 4 things
I still have some of the TSC junk Dumor and still giving them
Plus cooked brown rice, occ scrambled eggs, flax meal, premium bird seed with lots of BOSS, occ organic cereal low in sugar
was gong to give the real oats ... but someone said oats and barley bad.....
I have lots of buckwheat seeds and kashia groats...... since I am mostly gluten free eating...
I get lots of cheap cheap cheap bargains from salvage stores..... like organic stuff and Bob Redmill grains and cereals....

comments yall????? mostly just lurk on here..
Hubby says I am chicken obsessed... LOL
I use the layer pellets and like the ingredients and it always smells fresher then Purina feeds
jusk 47
what brand of layer pellets??? thanks
I gott go take a nap while chicks are sleepings and big chickens are in shade

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