Three Eggs in From One Hen, Two Rubbery, One Unusual

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    Dec 27, 2016
    One of my 5ish month old EE pullets (the one that is my avatar) started laying eggs maybe about two weeks ago. Today, I found a total of three eggs. I know it was not the eggs of other hens, because 1)She is quarantined due to an injury, and 2) She is the only one who lays green eggs. The first egg, found this morning, was of normal size and color but had lots of little calcium deposits on it. Then, a few hours age, I went to check on her hand found TWO MORE little eggs. They had extremely thin shells, and were a bit smaller than normal. Any idea what could be causing this? Is it just that she has only been laying for a short while, or is stress, or some sort of internal issue?
    Any help would be appreciated!
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    Its most likely related to her being a new layer and still getting the kinks out. It could be stress also has there been anything that could cause stress?

    Just make sure you provide access to oyster shell as well as good food and fresh water. It should all work it self out.
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    At 5 months, your EE is just starting her laying career. Things may normalize soon. Make sure to have enough calcium free choice available. If you are feeding layer feed, then still have free choice oyster shell available. It is good all around (additional calcium and grit as needed) to have it that way. I don't think there is anything else that you can do.
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    double post.
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    You mention she is quarantined due to an injury. It is therefore highly likely that she has been stressed, particularly if it was a predator injury or is perhaps stressed from being confined on her own. Do not be surprised if she stops laying now for a while if it is caused by trauma.
    That said, as others have pointed out, it is quite common for strange eggs and odd laying patterns when pullets first get started.
    Good luck with her.


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