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Jan 31, 2015
We bought 4 Easter Eggers about 5 weeks ago. One was smaller than the rest. She seemed to have a low large crop. I didn't think she would make it. I seperated her from the other 3 because they would run right over her. I did tons of cuddling. Made her scambled egg trying to build her up. Of couse with a good chick starter food, but she's still very small. We put her back with her sisters because she peeped none stop when she was alone. Things seem fine. In fact she's kind of pushy!
my question is... her feathers seem a bit more ruffled. Does that mean she is being picked at by her bigger sisters? I have watched closely and never see it happening. I hate to isolate her again. She acts healthy and happy. Adding pictures so you can see how small she is and her feathers.We named her meatball because she's short and round.

Meatball is indeed being pecked by the others. The frayed back feathers are a typical give-away.

Don't be so sure all of the chickens are ganging up on her. It's probably only one. If anything, that's the one you need to isolate for a bit. Maybe you can stop the behavior, or not. You can also, once you identify the perpetrator, give them a swift poke on the back as soon as you see them go after Meatball.

This sort of pecking usually happens when the victim is relaxing, staying in one spot for a while. Figure out what time of day your chickens like to loaf, and maybe you'll have a better chance of catching the culprit.
Thank you so much! I'm still learning this chicken stuff. She's very clingy and tries to get under the bigger girls. I thought they may be pecking at her when she bothers them. I will watch better at quiet time. I hate the thought of her being picked on. I sure hope she starts growing. I'm afraid my older girls will peck her when it's time to let them loose with the gang (2 sweet roo's and 7 ladies)

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