Tiny Eggs? and will hens know to go back into the coop to lay?

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    Aug 7, 2011
    we were very excited to get our first egg on Sunday - 19 week old Buff Orpington was the layer, as I'd come to find out the next day. I know it's early - does that explain why the egg was so small? (the second egg the next day was the same) - like maybe double/triple the size of a quail egg. Much smaller than a "normal" egg. Picture/writeup is here:


    also, we let our 11 hens out to free range during the day, and put them away at night. Now that they're starting to lay (At least one, anyway) - we're giving them the ability to get back into the coop during the day if they so desire. Will they know/want to go into the coop and lay in the nesting boxes? The first two eggs were right in the boxes, perfect.

    Story of the second egg: I found the first egg on Monday, and on Tuesday, I let the hens out in the morning. 20 minutes later I looked out the window and one of the Buffs was alone near the closed barn door looking agitated. My spidey senses went off and I went out there and let her into the coop. She followed me and jumped right into the nesting box. I watched her for 30 full minutes - turning, scratching, butt feathers flexing, chirping, but I finally decided to give her some privacy. I left for 10 minutes, and when I came back: Egg # 2 ! Exciting.
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    A lot of chickens (most?) lay smaller eggs at first.

    Yes, they will go back into their nice safe nest boxes to lay.

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    What a nice coop you have! Love the tongue and groove and the fancy ramp!

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