Tiny flat worms?

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  1. bug138

    bug138 Hatching

    Jun 16, 2010
    Cleaning out our chicken tractor's roosting area today, we found some tiny little flatworms!

    -Smaller than a grain of rice, dark brown in color, undulating movement.
    -Mostly seemed to be hanging out underneath the dirty newspaper bedding.

    We, like many, are new to hen-keeping, and want to give our ladies the very best in health care. Even if these worms aren't intestinal parasites, we will probably dust with food-grade DE in the next few days.

    The weather has been warm and wet here in Austin, Texas, and insect life has been going crazy lately.

    Anyone met these critters?
  2. winonajane

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    Apr 24, 2010
    This is no help to you but I just posted that I need help with information on worming a chicken I just bought that the lady said had worms. I will check your answers and you check mine. I am new also. In fact I thought my chicks which I won't move her in with were 3 months old but I posted for the first time when they were just a copuple of days and that was April. I guess they are more like 2 months old. Good luck to both of us. I did get wormer but don't know how to mix it. Jane

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