Tired chickens wont eat or drink...


15 Years
Mar 12, 2009
My two hens are depressed, won't eat or drink and have loose stools. We just lost one and bought two chicks. The chicks are currently being quarantined. Also, the older hens have had coccidia a few times in the last year. Could this be coccidia or an infection brought on from stress or the new chicks?
There are several possibilities. They definitely might have coccidia, and they may be dehydrated as is common this time of year. Try the electrolyte water mix and drip it into their beaks with a syringe. Sometimes chickens can get sicknesses from other chickens if they're from another breed, but you claim that they are being quarantined eitherway.
I've been giving them recovery formula. Their weight is still good. I do know they are stressed. Our cat has been on overdrive since we got the chicks. He was teasing them and has since been separated from them. They are also a little nasally.
Here is a picture of their poop

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