To candle or not to candle?


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Jul 5, 2016
Upstate New York
We just found out our Winnie is really a Walter and has been expressing his raging teenage boy hormones on all our girls. These are our first chickens and we have no idea what to do with fertilized eggs? We have only gotten 1 very tiny xtra-small egg from the group so far. If we collect the eggs in the Morning and at night, do I have to worry about cracking an egg and having a baby chick fall out (my nightmare!) Any suggestions on cleaning the eggs?



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Jun 28, 2011
It takes about 2 days for a fertilised egg, kept at a high enough temperature (around 90F), to start developing and over the first 48 hours the development is minimal. That said your concerns is valid. Opening an egg to find a chick inside is a horrible experience! But if you collect the eggs regularly, you'll be o.k.

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