To help or not to help out of the shell??


8 Years
Apr 16, 2011
I am wondering if anyone helps the straggler eggs out of the shell? I had two eggs that were pipped for three days and I can see there beaks poking out but they couldn't seem to get out. My wife and I helped them out but they just seem to be laying around now. Maybe tired from the three day struggle? I sure hope they make it.
I used to 'make sure' that every egg hatched. MOST helped chicks were weak and unthrifty - I stopped that practice. On the other hand, I used to hatch WCB Polish from a severely inbred line for a friend - almost all of these had to be helped. In my opinion it is generally a practice that helps keep weak birds in your breeding program. Definately a personal choice, and if you choose to 'help', that is your prerogative.
I have helped two chicks out of eggs. they were both from clutches that hatched in the colder months. Both did fine. I started helping them out after all the other chicks had hatched and the mom was off busy with her new brood. It was a slow process... taking just a bit of shell off at a time, and letting the chick do as much as it could. I know you aren't supposed to help, but... ahhh... they were peeping!!! They took about 36 hours after they were out of the shell to get their strength up, and catch up to the other chicks. The last one I just helped out in December. He is now crowing and chasing hens in true rooster fashion...

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