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11 Years
Nov 2, 2008
Whitby, Ontario Canada
I have had a barred rock since October. They said she was 12 weeks old. Well, five months later, that would make her seven months old. I recently purchased five hens and one rooster. All seem to be full grown. the son and his mother said they were around the same age as my barred rock. Here is my situation. The barred rock is half the size of the other chickens. They are presently separated. I have had the new ones for two weeks and they are already laying. When should I move the new chickens in with the barred rock? The barred rock's coop will be the main coup. The new chickens all behave very well. There is one dominant hen who is the boss. I don't want them to hurt my barred rock. Any suggestions or help would be appreciated. Thanks to all for listening and also thanks in advance to those who reply.


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