to leave the babies or not


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6 Years
Mar 12, 2013
OK my hen turkey as had much more lucky hatching eggs then I.. Shes raised 3 for 3 turkey eggs along with 2 duck eggs.. My question.. I cant separate the tom from her as i just have them in my back yard.. As the turkeys was really planned lol.. Would you guys bring the babies in the house and put them in a brooder or go ahead and leave them with her.They are really healthy and doing good.. running around every where. This is her first sitting.. Thanx for the advice :)
Leave them out there. Depending on how attentive the tom is, it can be a little dicey, but the poults are imprinted on the hen. Give her a chance.
He not paid any attention to her till this afternoon.. and he stays in the barn with her now and he never use to.. But shes being a very good mother to them.. I was told first time hens dont always raise any.. BUT shes done dang good

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