To tarp or not to tarp?


Jul 1, 2020
Small town in Washington
Nice coop! I wouldn't use a tarp for blowing away, or tearing apart reasons like it was suggested above, but you could probably screw roofing panels into the side pretty easily! i would put some kind of water barrier up though because, otherwise, all thought shavings will get wet and gross. Avery


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Jul 10, 2020
Hey y’all!

First-time urban chicken owner here in need of y’all’s expert advice.

My girls’ coop is mostly wire, with a little covered area on the back. They spend most of their day in a separate run and for the most part only go in the coop at night. My next-door neighbor has a seriously bright fluorescent floodlight that shines like a spotlight right into the coop. Because I’m worried this will disrupt their sleep, and because I live in a place that’s prone to sudden nocturnal rain showers, I’ve been covering them with a tarp so they can have a dry and restful night.

I’m concerned, however, that the tarp prevents sufficient air circulation in the coop. There is a little space where the walls meet the floor, so it’s not like the area is completely sealed, but I want my girls to be as comfortable as possible in there and would hate it if it was too stuffy.

Does anybody have any thoughts, opinions, or creative solutions?
I made my coop curtains for this exact reason. The cloth offers better air flow.

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