To wash eggs or not to wash eggs that is the question ^_^

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8 Years
May 22, 2011
I have seen online that some people wash the eggs before they put them in the incubator to take any bacteria off the egg and my mom said that there is a film on the egg to protect it but seeing as how our hens use the nest boxes as bathrooms i thought it would be wise if i start washing them i mean they aren't growing any embryos yet so it shouldn't hurt them right? I was just going to wash them in plain water but my mom started thinking maybe we should use an all natural egg wash on them any suggestions would be helpful
Whereas on the other hand I do wash all of my hatching eggs.

An incubator is a warm and humid place. Which makes for a great environment for growing all sorts of microbial life as well as producing chicks. I like to keep the microbial load in my box as low as possible so I wash and sanitize all of my hatching eggs.
We probably all do things differently and that's good because I'd be scared if everyone was alike:) For me, I don't wash the egg because I would be afraid of ruining the bloom on the egg. I am a farmer and farmers have strong hands, so I have to really be careful around eggs! Our hatch rates have been great! I do clean the incubators before reloading though....This is an important step! Have a blessed day. Nancy

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