Today is Hatch Day!


16 Years
Dec 10, 2007
Central Virginia
Well, I thought yesterday was hatch day. My broody hens usually start hatching out babies on Day 20. But there was no action at all.

I was really worried, because these eggs had a long, hard trip. All the way from the west coast. Three were broken on arrival. They are Welsummer eggs, so I wasn't able to see anything when I candled.

It's cold here this morning! I checked the first hen, and saw a couple of eggs sticking out the front of her. Oh no! I went to tuck them back under, and they were empty shells! YAY!

So I went to the second hen. I started to lift her up and heard peeping. I stopped and left her alone.

I'm really excited! I was thinking that I might not get a single chick out of those 15 eggs. Now I believe that I have at least 3 babies. What a relief!

Pictures later, when it warms up.

Time for an update.

The first hen, Blondie, has 5 chicks out of the shell. Out of 8 eggs. I'm ecstatic! These little guys are just bustin' out! Every time I check, there's a new chick.


The second hen, Sugar, has no chicks yet. She has a couple of pips, though.

I wonder if it's because Sugar spends more time off the nest when she's broody. I have to pull Blondie off her eggs every day to do her business, and then she runs right back.

At any rate, it's shaping up to be a great hatch.

OMG!! so cute YaY


what type of chickens are your broodies?? i'm trying to figure out if i want to get a few with more broody tendencies.... but i don't know what i want yet?? Blondie is very pretty
Blondie is a Buff Orpington. She came from a hatchery, and I've heard that hatchery Buff Orps aren't broody. But both of mine were. She's a great bird all around. I really like her.

Sugar is a mixed breed. (She looks like a Barred Rock. I'll get some pics of her posted, probably tomorrow.) All of my other broodies are Dominiques. Heritage Dominiques, as opposed to hatchery Dominiques. I don't know if that has made a difference or not.

Lots of people swear by Silkies as broodies. I've never had one. But if the breed appeals to you, it's probably a pretty good bet.

When I first got chickens, I wanted a broody hen so very much. I ended up with a dozen of them. That was way too many! I'm down to 6 now. I have 3 that I use all the time. They are very experienced. They get better with every brood they raise. It is the neatest thing to watch a mother hen and her chicks. And absolutely no trouble for me at all. They take care of everything. I can't imagine raising chicks in the house again!
Another update.

Blondie has yet another chick out of the shell. That makes 6.

Sugar isn't being very cooperative, but I'm pretty sure she has one out so far. Maybe more. Her broody house is a bit less convenient for me to get into and check her status. I hear a lot of peeping when I try to fool with her. I could lift her up and see that she still has 4 unhatched eggs right in front. I couldn't see the other 3 eggs. I'm very hopeful for them. It seems that all of my worries about shipping trauma were unfounded.

Broodies Do It Better!

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