Today is just one of those days...


11 Years
Apr 25, 2011
Where I eat too much.


When Christmas rolls around I'd bet you my slippers that I gain five pounds. And that chocolate cake we bought yesterday was NO help. I've been snacking on chips, marshmallow/carmel/chocolate covered pretzels, gingerbread men, chocolate, meringues...I feel horrible. I forced myself to run a mile today. (Of course, the cat and dog followed me making me look silly, but who cares?) I still feel horrible. I need to stop eating like this tomorrow.

Food is evil. My cat knows how much to eat, my chickens know how much to eat, but I, the human eat twice as much as I should eat. Ah, the Christmas season brings more than presents, it brings trials of perseverance and discipline.

I hear ya! Not only am I in the same boat, but I think I've discovered that I have a gluten allergy. Not the right time of year for that!
I didn't do any holiday baking this year... instead, I got a crisco hamper...
so to hell with December, I'll clean up my act come Jan 6th (day after my bday)! But I do feel yourpain nd totally understand what you are talking about!
Yeah, I was just thinking this week how glad I am that:

- The chocolate a coworker gave me is gone
- The bread pudding is gone
- The cookies my roommate's girlfriend gave us are gone.

Please, oh please, let the sanity resume.
My sister's traditional Christmas gift to EACH family member is a laundry basket (yes.. a wicker laundry basket) full of homemade goodies

I LOVE the yummies... but I'm starting to think that maybe I should consider hanging my clothes in the closet and putting the treadmill to some othe use (they do make really great places to hang clothes.....) Even my fat clothes are getting tight.

On another note. Has anyone noticed if their mood gets happier or grumppier when they eat a lot of sugar? I believe that it's starting to have some sort of negative effect on me (other than the spreading rearend). I've caught myself being a bit of a beast twice since that basket arrived - both times right after having dug through and 'tasted' the yummies.
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Gained 20 lbs since September. Stopped my diet and ate whatever for the past 3 months. THe last month was the worst.
Started exercising again. Just got off the treadmill and exercise bike now. Time for a shower and then off to work.

I dropped 50 lbs from April - August. Gained 20 back. Got to lose it again. Wish me luck!! Bet it won't be as easy this time.

I should have never gotten on the scale until I got a few days of exercise in. The food was enjoyed a bit to much this holiday!
Canesisters - I get short-tempered if I indulge on the sweets like I've been for the past...what? Month, mebbe? Sugar upsets all my gut flora and that makes the rest of me grumpy...
Oh well. It's nice to know other people share my weakness.

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