Today is Pirate Day in World of Warcraft!


16 Years
May 8, 2007
WoW is an online game. I popped in this morning and found out today is Pirate Day!

I noticed 2 guys standing outside the bank, dressed as pirates. When I clicked on them, to talk to them, they said something about going to Booty Bay, which I'll do later. Also, you have the option to say that you want to dress as a pirate. Click on it and you're in pirate costume, for an hour!

Ah, the silliness! I love it! I was just thinking about it being Halloween season soon, and that there'll be costumes and candy available at the inns, too. As you can probably tell, I love ingame events and holidays, as much as I do real life holidays.

I logged in this morning, just to see if I'd sold anything at the Auction House overnight. That's when I discovered it was Pirate Day. On his way out the door for work, my husband said, "I can't believe I have to go to work right now!" I promised to play pirates with him, tonight!
It's Pirate Day on WoW because it's "Talk like a Pirate Day!"
So batten down the hatches, me matey, break out the rum, and sing with me - Yo ho, yo ho, it's a Pirate's life for me!
I think it's in all the major cities. I had my troll on in Orgrimmar and then my blood elf in Silvermoon City. So, I think it's all the major cities.

You know how they occasionally have 2 envoys from various places standing face to face, somewhere around the bank and auction house area of the main cities? It's like that, but they're in pirate costumes.

Have fun!

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Hey! Shouldn't that bird be on your shoulder??? I guess that would make taking the picture a little difficult!

Since I live with a high strung parrot, I know exactly why those pirates with a parrot on their shoulder are wearing an eye patch! Yikes! I actually don't let mine up on my shoulder.

Normally, I find the flying pets ingame distracting, but now I'm having the urge to go buy a parrot in Booty Bay! Before anyone asks, they're in the lower level of shops, closest to the dock where the ship comes in. After you get off the ship, go in the first building on your left. Inside, turn to your left. The vendor is in the corner. The vendor that sells cooking recipes is also in that corner.

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Apparently, if you go to Booty Bay, the captain will give you a buff to look like a pirate for 12 hours.
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