today me and my dad made a broody coop *Click to see pics*


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Jun 16, 2009
South Wales
hey, today me and my father made a broody/breeding/injury/grower coop its 5ft long 3ft 6 inches high and 2ft wide

pics of the coop finished VV

and my hen silkie in the new coop

let me know what you thing its nothing special lol

there's a bigish nest in there with 3 eggs (trying to get her to go broody)

how can i encourage her to go broody ?

i got 4 fertile eggs in a dish in my house to keep them cool and ill get about 3 or 5 eggs tomorrow so when she starts sitting she'll have about 8 9 eggs (when she gose broody ill put the fertile ones under her) soo pleaseee tell me how i can encourage her to go broody (shes abit scared at the moment)


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Apr 22, 2008
upstate SC
Anything you get to do with your dad is wonderful!

My dad and I built the barn together and it holds dear memories for me now that is gone.

Really neat box for your birds!

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