Told DH I was practicing voodoo.


11 Years
Apr 30, 2008
Couldn't sleep last night so I went to the living room. Decided that the potted sage plant needed to be "harvested" so I dug out a couple of small paper bags, tied a few bunches of herbs together, punched holes in the bags and tied them off at the top. I haven't dried herbs in this house yet but decided that the best place to hang them would be in the basement near the furnace. Went back to bed.

Called DH this afternoon and got a very worried, "Ummmm. You hung some paper bags in the basement?"

"Yes," I said.

"Ummmm. Why?" he asked, sounding very very unnerved.

So I told him, "I'm practicing voodoo. Is there a problem?" Silence. It's so easy to pull his leg.

you should have put some crazy outfit on and run around the yard shouting random phrases.
'shugmaster insists on jello!' 'bring forth the llama!' 'the times call for cleansing!'
I agree take it to the next level, hand him a grocery list...

Eye of Newt - half dozen

Toe of Frog - 1 pound

Blood of Bat - 1 gallon

Tongue of Dog - 2 large

Wear you clothes inside out & backwards, go around alternately blessing & cursing random objects, the down side is people may mistake you for my sister.....
Oh, my sisters...

Speaking of sisters I had posted this (the following) in the "I should be _____but I am on BYC" thread, but removed due to the fact that someone posted they should be at their grandmothers deathbed while I was creating this & my post came in right behind it & it seemed with that history here is my response to that thread - please note #10....

I guess I am much more ambitious then you all - I have a list....

1.) Pass an ordinance that makes chickens illegal – EVERYWHERE!

2.) Stocking up on toothbrushes for Halloween.

3,4&8 got edited out by mod on other thread so will do same here......

5.) Create a reality show featuring Paris Hilton & Donald Trump.

6.) Invent a virus that makes everyone on this site a moderator.

7.) Mugging little old ladies for their social security checks.

9.) Start a war. It's a prestigious line of work, with a long and glorious tradition.

10.) Find the person responsible for that house falling on my sister.


Something constructive.
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I AM that other sister....


That's funny Eggzettera!

I had to "smudge" my house the other night after we had one of DS's friends for the weekend...

I thought about crossed pins and horseshoes, but DH wasn't thrilled about that...but he didn't have anything much to say about it...I even smudged Obelisk, but she's still a crab.
Nuh Uh Spotted Crow that sister is ME! I never recovered from the loss of my other sister!

My basement is FULL of drying herbs if anyone wants some I have : Yarrow, flower stalk and root
Sweet grass
Sage bergamot and white (limited white)
Basil and basil flower

DH got used to it.....

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